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Payroll System In Kenya

It is important now more than ever for companies to incorporate technology in all departments. With more and more automation being adopted in the workplace, Payroll and HR Software are becoming increasingly popular in most companies. This is because they provide a solution that simplifies and takes care of your company's payroll processing and procedures as well as any other Human Resources related matter such as talent management and/or benefits.

Below we are going to highlight why your company needs the Aruti HRMIS system today.

The Aruti Payroll & HR Management System is an integrated, compliant, and cost-effective Human Resources and Payroll Management System, Aruti HRMS is apt for managing your organization’s Human Capital assets efficiently.

Features of the Aruti HRMIS

Aruti Employee Biodata Management

This module helps you record your employees’ personal information, from their addresses, hobbies, interest,s, etc. Aruti employee biodata management will save all the important and required information in the system. The module also records information Right from medical details, important details, important dates as well as employees’ pictures.

Aruti Recruitment Management

This module helps you streamline the recruitment process for your company. Manage your vacancies and job applications easily through the cloud and reduce your recruitment costs.

Have job applicants submit their resumes through the system as opposed to the traditional paper methods.

Aruti Time and Attendance Management

This feature will let you calculate the working hours of your employees along with overtime done. When you Integrate the working time of the employees with the payroll system of your organization, each employee will be paid on the basis of their productive hours at work.

Aruti Leave and Absence Management

Record the attendance, Absence, leave days, and working hours of your employees with this module of the Aruti HRMIS.

The Aruti Leave, Absence, and Time Management feature will keep records of the leaves taken and days worked. Additionally, the employee will also be able to be directly involved in the process through a simple login interface such that he remains updated with his attendance details.

Aruti Payroll, Loan, and Savings Management

Easily monitor your employees’ salaries and deductions in accordance with the statutory laws on tax and regulations through Aruti Payroll, Loan, and Savings management.

This module will also help you generate customized and mandatory statutory reports depending upon your country’s requirements.

Aruti Performance and Assessment Management

Keep track of your employees’ productivity and formulate strategies and goals on performance evaluation of your employees using the Aruti performance and assessment management feature. It will let you conduct smooth and periodic performance reviews owing to this aspect.

Learning and Development Management

Each company needs to have skilled and competent employees so as to create a successful company. They need to be equipped with your company’s work standards and acceptance level.

This module of Aruti allows you to keep your workers up-to-date with your organization’s workflow and ensure a start on developing the capabilities.

Aruti Learning and Development module lets you pre-book and book your staff to training events and workshops.

Easily create training calendars, schedule departmental training events within the allocated budget and ask employees to request to attend such events.

Aruti Employee Disciplinary Cases Management

The Aruti Employee Disciplinary Cases Management is a function that manages employees' disciplinary cases. Handle the disciplinary cases in your company in a fair and just manner with this feature of the aruti HRMIS.

Aruti Medical Claims and Bills Management

Liaise with medical insurance companies to provide your employees with medical cover and related benefits from your organization.

Manage and organize their medical bills and other health claims marked by your employees by means of this module.

Aruti Employee and Manager Self Service

This feature allows employees and managers to participate in daily activities related to human resources. This feature works on a permission basis such that employees and managers can only access what is related to the organization. This feature works on privilege basis, such that each employee and manager will be able to avail only those areas which are related to them.

In conclusion, You need to create a seamless employee management system and automate your human resource department. Reach out to us, Get your business in order with our Aruti HRM system today.

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