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Here Is Why You Need A Website Yesterday!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Most small businesses do not realize the immense potential of growth that comes with having something as small as a website. With the world quickly going digital, having an online presence should be a priority if the business is to succeed.

Now, there are so many ways to achieve an online presence depending on your target market and the nature of goods/services you are providing. However, a website is a must-have for each business, whether you are a “MTU wa mayai” from across the street or a fintech company recently listed in the stock exchange market. The digital power that a website holds is much stronger than any other online tool regarding business credibility in your client’s eyes and the impression it gives.

Below I will tell you why a good website is good for your business.

  • Creates a presence- Who are your customers? where can they be found? What are they searching for on google about a product or service you provide? Are you being found?

These are important questions you should ask yourself. E.g., someone is looking for a particular shoe, and you happen to sell it. They will most likely go to google or any other search engine that they use and type the query.

Now, your Facebook or any other social media page may be found, But imagine having a website that has more selections of that shoe; this means the person will get a chance to look at your online shop, and if it is responsive and well done, they will most likely become a return customer.

  • Helps build trust-A new prospect might want to know about your company history; whether you are an online store or a brick-and-mortar one, a website will help establish that level of trust the prospect is looking for.

  • Gets your business listed on search engines- When you have a website, Google can index your page more so if you have understood SEO (Search engine optimization) when someone searches for relevant keywords that you have used on your page, they can find your business online.,

  • You can leverage social media- The beauty of all these social platforms is that you can use one to promote the other. Some kind of a symbiotic relationship. You can use your google+, linked in, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social platform to promote and send your customers to your website. Take it like this, The social platforms are like billboards and ads, and your website is the main business. This will make sure all your products and services are available to your customers.

  • Allows you to share news about your business- A website will enable you to share the information and change up your landing pages to announce that. For example, if you are launching a new product in the market. You could change your landing page to support the launch and even run discounts to celebrate the launch. There are so many ways you can leverage a website to work for you.

  • Helps you learn about your customer- A website offers you the ability to learn about the needs and wants of your customer and target them with exactly what they are looking for from your products. Although it takes time with the right codes placed on your website, you can target your customer with things you think they genuinely need no matter where they are browsing from on the internet.

There is so much a website can provide you with. Start small; a website is working progress; as the business grows, so should your website.

Are you looking for a website? Talk to us today. We have an ongoing offer, and starting from Ksh, 10,000, you can have your responsive website up.

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